Spencer Box Office Prediction

Blogger’s Note (11/03): I’ve seen some unconfirmed data indicating Spencer will open on just under 1000 screens. If that holds true, I’m revising my estimate from $4.6M to $4.1M.

Kristen Stewart appears destined to make plenty of red carpet trips next year with her performance as Princess Diana in Spencer. Directed by Pablo Larrain (who last tackled American royalty with Natalie Portman as Jackie), the pic looks to be an awards contender for its star and in several other categories. Costars include Jack Farthing (as Prince Charles), Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall, and Sean Harris.

So how will it perform at the box office? That’s a tricky one and some simply for practical reasons. Spencer is hitting screens this Friday, but I’ve yet to see a theater count. When that’s available (hopefully Thursday), don’t be surprised if my current estimate is altered.

Practicalities aside, Oscar bait entries such as this often play out over the course of the season. In other words, don’t expect hefty grosses right away. That said, the buzz already being generated with Stewart as the Best Actress frontrunner and the fascination with the life and death of Diana should contribute to a decent per theater average. We just don’t know how many venues that is at the moment.

For those reasons, I’ll peg this in the $4-6 million range for its start (this is assuming a 1500 screen count which is a number I’ve heard rumored). That should nab it anywhere from the 3-6 position on the chart. Checking back on Thursday is probably wise.

Spencer opening weekend prediction: $4.1 million

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