Oscar Predictions: Ascension

Following its summertime premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jessica Kingdon’s documentary Ascension has opened in limited release this month. Focused on economic conditions in China, the pic has received acclaim and stands at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Picked up by MTV Films for distribution, Ascension was recently among the 12 nominees for the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards. Of course, there’s only five features selected by the Academy next year. The Rescue and Flee are two nominees that seem likely to make the cut (though this branch of voters has often been unpredictable). Assuming there’s three spots for the taking, there will be a multitude of contenders. I currently have Summer of Soul, Attica, and The Lost Leonardo taking them. All 5 of my predicted nominees were also named in the Critics’ Choice selections.

However, the critical reaction for Ascension is strong enough that it certainly stands a shot at inclusion. My Oscar Prediction posts for the films of 2021 will continue…

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