Oscar Watch: Darkest Hour

My recent Oscar Watch posts have largely focused on the Venice Film Festival (and there’s more posts from that fest coming your way shortly), but the Telluride Film Festival is also underway and it premiered Joe Wright’s eagerly awaited Darkest Hour. 

The film casts Gary Oldman as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during WWII and the actor has been considered a Best Actor front runner for some time already. The Telluride screening all but confirms that notion with Oldman drawing raves for his performance. Crazily enough, with the lead’s three decade long sterling career, he’s only managed one Academy nod for 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It’s safe to say that this will land him his second as Variety deemed him the instant favorite.

While Oldman’s nomination has always seemed likely, initial reaction also puts Darkest in line for potential Picture, Director, and Original Screenplay (Anthony McCarten) nods and some down the line technical categories. Interestingly, it’s Ben Mendelsohn’s supporting work that’s garnered notice and not Kristin Scott Thomas, who now seems a bit of a long shot for Supporting Actress.

Bottom line: Darkest reaction sheds light on several potential nominations, but Oldman’s seems assured.

My Oscar Watch posts will continue…


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