Ouija: Origin of Evil Box Office Prediction

Two Halloween frames ago, the low-budget horror flick Ouija had a strong box office game. It opened to $19.8 million on its way to a $50M overall domestic gross. So it’s no surprise that its sequel (or prequel apparently) Ouija: Origin of Evil is in theaters next weekend.

The original cost $5 million. Evil only upped the budget slightly to $6 million, so profitability shouldn’t be an issue for Blumhouse Productions (a studio known for making their projects quickly and cheaply). Mike Flanagan takes over directorial duties from Stiles White and the cast includes Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Henry Thomas (Elliot from E.T.!).

Being the only horror title debuting around Halloween should help here, but I’m not convinced this will open on par with its predecessor. While it’s been a nice 2016 for the genre, Ouija wasn’t exactly considered a classic. A decently fair comparison could be Sinister 2, which opened to just $10 million in the summer of 2015 after the first one made $18 million for its start.

I’ll say Ouija part deux manages a mid teens origin and not high teens.

Ouija: Origin of Evil opening weekend prediction: $15.2 million

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2 thoughts on “Ouija: Origin of Evil Box Office Prediction

  1. I just can’t stop laughing at this trailer. The moment when she turns the knife at the kid. I was the only one in my theater laughing out loud at it. I don’t think this will do that well, but it may be the only horror movie besides Madea, so maybe

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