Oscar Watch: Maudie

Critics have been singing the praises of English actress Sally Hawkins for years and awards voters have occasionally taken note. Her work in 2008’s HappyGoLucky won her a Best Actress Golden Globe in the Musical/Comedy race (she missed the cut on an Oscar nod). The Academy did at last recognize her with a Supporting Actress nom for 2013’s Blue Jasmine.

The Telluride Film Festival has opened up the possibility for her first lead Actress nod for Maudie. It screened over the weekend and casts Hawkins in a biopic of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, who suffers from serious physical disabilities. Aisling Walsh directs with Ethan Hawke as co-lead.

Reviews for the film itself were mixed and it stands no real at recognition from the Academy other than for Ms. Hawkins. If a distributor gets this out before year’s end and mounts a campaign, she could find herself in the mix of what’s looking like a very crowded Actress race.


1 thought on “Oscar Watch: Maudie

  1. SONY Classics picked up distribution of “Maudie” in late September.

    Is Telluride (first U.S. Premeire) enough for it to be recognized by the Academy Awards in March 2017 since its release moved from Oct. 2016 to Apr. 2017.

    A lot of negativity over Maudie at Telluride vs. TIFF’s loving it. Roger Ebert has Maudie in his BEST FOUR of 293 films screened at TIFF.

    Could Rink Rat Productions pull off a “hat trick”?

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