Oscar Predictions: The Blue Caftan

The nation of Morocco has submitted a total of 18 pictures for consideration from 1977 to the present in the Academy’s International Feature Film race. Only two have made the shortlist – 2011’s Omar Killed Me and this year’s The Blue Caftan. They’re hoping the latter is the first to make the final five.

Maryam Touzani’s relationship drama starring Lubna Azabal and Saleh Bakri premiered at Cannes back in May to appreciative reviews. The Rotten Tomatoes meter is at 93%. Her previous film Adam from 2019 was also Morocco’s designee for IFF, but didn’t make the shortlist like her sophomore feature length effort.

Of the 15 features vying for five spots, I didn’t have Caftan in the top ten for possibilities when I updated my projections last weekend. This will likely remain the case in my next forecast. In the international competition, there’s always the possibility for a surprise. It happened last year with Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom. Caftan could do the same though I wouldn’t count on it. My Oscar Prediction posts will continue…

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