Oscar Watch: Titane

Over the weekend, Spike Lee infamously and prematurely announced that the French horror thriller Titane took the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival over considerable competition. Julia Ducournou’s second feature after 2016’s acclaimed Raw is said to be a visceral, original, erotic, and messy concoction. It certainly got the attention of the Cannes jury. Will it do the same for Oscar voters?

That’s an unknown because we don’t know if France will submit it as its selection for Best International Feature Film. In 2016, they chose not to pick Paul Verhoeven’s heralded Elle in that race. Isabelle Huppert managed a Best Actress nod for it, but it didn’t have a chance to make the final five.

If the French do choose Titane to represent in the competition, it certainly now has the bonafides to make a run. The dark subject matter could complicate matters, but I bet it has one early vote from Spike Lee. My Oscar Watch posts will continue…

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