Oscars 2019: The Case of Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit

My Case of posts for acting nominees continues with the third selection in Best Supporting Actress – Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit.

The Case for Scarlett Johansson

After years on screen in which she’s become the highest grossing actress of all time, ScarJo nabbed her first and second Oscar nominations in the same year. In Best Actress, she’s contending for Marriage Story. In Supporting Actress, it’s for Taika Waititi’s satire Jojo Rabbit where she plays the caring mother to young Roman Griffin Davis. The lovers of Jojo are passionate and she’s the only member of the cast that they can honor. Of the four contenders who could upset front runner and Johansson Marriage Story costar Laura Dern, she’s perhaps got the best scenario to do so.

The Case Against Scarlett Johansson

Upsetting Dern is a huge task considering she’s taken home every significant precursor trophy. Just as Jojo‘s fans are fervent, it’s also received mixed reaction from some critics. There could also be a feeling that she can win eventually, but that Dern’s victory is as much a career achievement prize.

The Verdict

Despite the double nominations, Johansson’s chances in both races put her at underdog status.

My Case of posts will continue with the direction of Bong Joon-Ho in Parasite!

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