Hillsong – Let Hope Rise Box Office Prediction

BLOGGER’S Update: (09-12-16, 8:24pm) It’s just been revealed that Hillsong will only be released on approximately 815 screens. This lowers my projection to $3 million dollars.

This Friday, the faith based concert film Hillsong – Let Hope Rise hits theaters and will try to attract music loving Christian moviegoers. The documentary chronicles the Australian band’s story as they’ve sold millions of albums since their formation in 1998. It was originally scheduled to be released over a year ago, but was pushed back at least twice due to the bankruptcy of its studio.

Yes, I Googled all of this information as Hillsong is not a group I’m personally familiar with. My uncertainty for its box office prognosis is on a couple of levels. I don’t have a screen count for it yet, most importantly. The difference between 800 theaters or 2000 could greatly fluctuate my estimate (I’ll reserve the right to change this when it is released). Also, faith based audiences have been known to cause pictures to greatly exceed expectations.

So… guess work, folks! As it stands now, I’ll say Hillsong reaches somewhere between $4-6 million and we’ll see how it goes…

Hillsong – Let Hope Rise opening weekend prediction: $3 million (Updated – see above)

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