The Green Inferno Box Office Prediction

Known mostly for his one two punch of Hostel pics a few years ago, director Eli Roth is back with The Green Inferno, out Friday. The horror title plants a group of student activists in the Amazon where they’re kidnapped and terror ensues. There are no big names among the cast and it comes with a meager $6 million budget.

The small budget should be a silver lining as I don’t expect big results for this. Inferno was originally scheduled to be released a year ago but financial difficulties with its studio held it back. The marketing campaign hasn’t been too strong and lots of horror fans may have gotten their current fill with The Visit.

Debuting on a relatively small 1500 approximate screens, I believe The Green Inferno will flame out and be ready for VOD quite soon.

The Green Inferno opening weekend prediction: $2.5 million

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2 thoughts on “The Green Inferno Box Office Prediction

  1. I wouldn’t consider The Visit to be Horror, especially for die hard fans who want a little more blood and gore. If Green Inferno was market well like Hostel it would do good but I don’t think it would.

  2. Good point. I’ve yet to see The Visit, but certainly think it was marketed as horror. I think Green Inferno’s biggest issues are low visibility and fairly low screen count. I just don’t see it breaking out, but we shall see.

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