We Are Your Friends Box Office Prediction

In his first major role since last summer’s hit Neighbors, Zac Efron is back in theaters with the musical drama We Are Your Friends next Friday. As you will recall, it was music that first made Efron a star with the High School Musical series. The pic finds its lead as a DJ struggling to enter the popular EDM scene. Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley and Jon Bernthal costar.

For those thinking this is a return to Efron’s high school crooning days, the R rating would indicate otherwise. Friends stands no chance of reaching the heights of Neighbors, which rode a wave of positive buzz to blockbuster status. I believe this is more likely to perform similar to Efron’s pic before that one – That Awkward Moment, which earned $8.7 million for its start in spring 2014.

For Warner Bros, this is a rather low risk venture as it comes with a reported budget of only $10 million. I’ll predict it just manages to outdo that budget in weekend one.

We Are Your Friends opening weekend prediction: $10.9 million

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