The Boy Next Door Box Office Prediction

In recent years Jennifer Lopez has become known more for American Idol than her once stellar film career. This Friday, she headlines the psychological thriller The Boy Next Door and it could be primed for a healthy opening. Costars include Ryan Guzman, Kristen Chenoweth and John Corbett. Rob Cohen, director of XXX and the original Fast and Furious flick, is behind the camera.

The Boy Next Door could benefit from a decent female audience turnout. Its reported tiny budget of only $4 million virtually assures profitability. Reviews aren’t likely to be on its side, but that shouldn’t matter a whole lot. I envision this performing on a similar scale to The Call, Halle Berry’s thriller which debuted with a higher than expected $17 million nearly two years ago. That means Jenny from the Block could double the grosses of Johnny (Depp) from Mortdecai this weekend.

The Boy Next Door opening weekend prediction: $14.7 million

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