The Machine Box Office Prediction

Popular comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer takes a true tale from his stand-up routine and converts it to film with The Machine. The raucous pic has the lead playing himself with Mark Hamill portraying his dad as they are kidnapped by the Russian Mob. Jessica Gabor, Iva Babić, Jimmy Tatro, and Stephanie Kurtzuba costar. Peter Atencio (in his follow-up to Keanu) directs.

While Kreischer certainly has a following, I’m not convinced a significant number of his fans will make the multiplex trek. Plenty may just wait until it’s available to stream (several comedies in general have struggled in theaters recently). Then there’s About My Father with Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro which debuts against it and could siphon away those looking for a laugh.

Over the four-day Memorial weekend, I’m not sure it gets to $5 million and I’ll project it won’t.

The Machine opening weekend prediction: $3.7 million (Friday to Monday estimate)

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