His Only Son Box Office Prediction

Blogger’s Update (03/29): I am significantly revising my estimate down from $6.1M to $3.8M

Christian streaming service Angel Studios (perhaps best known for their crowdfunded series The Chosen) is branching into features. His Only Son, recounting the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, opens in theaters a week before Easter on March 31st. David Helling writes and directs with a cast including Daniel da Silva, Nicolas Mouawad, Sara Seyed, and Edaan Moskowitz.

We have seen faith-based material rise above expectations numerous times. Just last month, Jesus Revolution managed to double most projections with nearly $16 million for its start.

I wouldn’t anticipate those kinds of numbers. Angel’s previous experiences in multiplexes has been with Chosen episodes having special engagements. While Jesus was raking in the dough, the season finale of the TV show made $3.6 million in its first three days of theatrical availability. The first two episodes back in November fared better with almost $9 million.

Forecasting this genre is never an easy task and a screen count could alter my prediction. I’ll say somewhere in the middle of Chosen grosses is where this lands.

His Only Son opening weekend prediction: $3.8 million

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