Jane Got a Gun Box Office Prediction

It boasts an acclaimed director with an Oscar winning actress, but next weekend’s Jane Got a Gun seems poised to misfire upon its debut. Gavin O’Connor, maker of Miracle and Warrior, directs this western headlined by Natalie Portman with Joel Edgerton and Ewan McGregor costarring.

The long delayed pic was originally set to open in the summer of 2014, then delayed to 2015, and is now finally rolling out in the doldrums of January. Marketing for it has been low-key and I feel part of its struggle could be that audiences just aren’t aware of its existence. Added to that, female driven westerns are historically not a commercially viable genre (see Bad Girls, The Quick and the Dead).

Jane Got a Gun, while having a relatively small $25 million budget, could have trouble grossing half that number overall. I don’t even think this reaches $5 million in its opening.

  • bloggers note: upon word this is only opening on 550 screens, I’m downgrading this prediction from $3.4M to $1.7M

Jane Got a Gun opening weekend prediction: $1.7 million

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