The Wedding Ringer Box Office Prediction

Never mind that its premise sounds somewhat similar to 2009’s I Love You, Man. The considerable star power of Kevin Hart should be enough to propel The Wedding Ringer to a strong opening. Hart headlines as a consultant tasked with providing best man services for dudes without friends. Josh Gad costars as his latest employer.

Just last year over MLK weekend, Hart found himself with the highest grossing January opening of all time with Ride Along. It began a year of hits for the actor that included About Last Night and Think Like a Man Too. Ringer seems unlikely to debut in the neighborhood of Ride Along. To be fair, however, no one saw that film’s massive premiere coming.

I’ll estimate that The Wedding Ringer opens more in line with Hart’s Think Like a Man sequel from last summer for a solid start that should put it in second position after American Sniper.

The Wedding Ringer opening weekend prediction: $29.4 million

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