Big Eyes Box Office Prediction

Tim Burton trades in big budget extravaganzas for low budget drama in Big Eyes, which comes out in wide release tomorrow on 1307 screens. Shot for only a reported $10 million, Eyes tells the true story of Margaret (Amy Adams) and Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) and the celebrated 1950s and 60s paintings that caused their divorce.

At one time, the picture was thought of as a potential awards contender, but that has fallen by the wayside. Only Adams is being talked about as a possible nominee for Best Actress and that could be a long shot. Reviews have been mostly positive and it stands at 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Obviously, Big Eyes will not approach what the typical Burton popcorn fare accomplishes and there is the matter of a lot of competition out there from more legit Oscar contenders like The Imitation Game and Unbroken. Still, I expect a decent gross out of the gate.

Big Eyes opening weekend prediction: $5.5 million (Friday to Sunday), $7.4 million (Thursday to Sunday)

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