Baggage Claim Box Office Prediction

Movies like Baggage Claim are the type that drive box office prognosticators like me crazy. It’s marketed primarily toward an African-American female audience and those pictures tend to debut higher than expected. It stars Mrs. Robin Thicke (and Alan Thicke’s daughter-in-law) Paula Patton, Djimon Hounsou, and Taye Diggs and the romantic comedy aims to bring in the kind of numbers that Jumping the Broom did two years ago. That film also starred Patton and greatly exceeded expectations with a $15 million opening. Could lightning strike twice?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all, but Baggage Claim is the kind of flick that could make $5 million in its opening or $15 million. It could open on par with Jumping the Broom or just as easily suffer the fate that Tyler Perry Presents Peeples did this summer. That pic was marketed toward the same audience and bombed with a $4.6 million debut. I’ll be honest here. I think Claim is probably going to open on the lower end of the possibility scale, but I’m hedging my bets by going in the middle.

Baggage Claim opening weekend prediction: $9.5 million

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