Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Box Office Prediction

For over a decade now, the Jackass franchise has been a mightily profitable one for Paramount and MTV Films. Based on the popular MTV series, Jackass: The Movie opened to $22.7 million in the fall of 2002. Four years later, Jackass Number Two debuted to $29 million. Four years following that, Jackass 3D took in an amazing $50.4 million for its opening.

This Friday brings us Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa in which star Johnny Knoxville portrays said Grandpa, one of the more known characters from the show’s history. This could properly be called a spin-off of the franchise and the trailers claim that it’s all real people reacting to Grandpa’s antics. Bad Grandpa appears to be modeled more after the kind of pics that Sasha Baron Cohen makes.

Bad Grandpa looks to be a true test as to just how hot this franchise still is. A lot of the moviegoers that grew up with Jackass are getting older. Will they turn out? I highly doubt this venture can even approach what Jackass 3D made in 2010. Its enormous opening was way beyond what most thought it could do, but it did have the advantage of higher ticket prices due to the 3D technology.

My gut tells me Bad Grandpa is more likely to debut around the numbers of the first two franchise flicks. It could certainly surprise with a gross north of $30 million but I’m not seeing it. What Bad Grandpa should do is end the three-week reign of the juggernaut Gravity. However, the trend of each Jackass pic opening bigger than the last should end here.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opening weekend prediction: $28.3 million

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