2 Guns Box Office Prediction

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg headline the action flick 2 Guns opening Friday. The pic will attempt to continue the trend of solid performing genre titles for Mr. Washington and also try to reverse a rather disappointing 2013 for Mr. Wahlberg so far.

As for Denzel, let’s take a look at the opening weekends for his last four action pics, shall we?

Safe House: $40.1 million

Unstoppable: $22.6 million

The Book of Eli: $32.7 million

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3: $23.3 million

You can see that 2 Guns is most likely to perform somewhere between $20-$40 million. The biggest opener, Safe House, debuted better than expectations last year and that’s certainly a possibility here. However, it also wouldn’t shock me to see 2 Guns open in the same range as Unstoppable and Pelham (low to mid 20s).

As for Wahlberg, he has followed up last summer’s smash comedy Ted with a pair of lackluster 2013 titles: Broken City and Pain and Gain. His teaming with Washington certainly marks the best opportunity for a hit this year.

Honestly, this is a tough one. Adult audiences might be primed for an action title with dependable stars that isn’t based on a comic book. I believe 2 Guns performing somewhere in the high 20s to low 30s is the most likely scenario.

2 Guns opening weekend prediction: $28.9 million

For my prediction on this week’s other newcomer, The Smurfs 2, click here:


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