Prince: Deep Cuts 1

For the next day 10 days, my little movie blog is going be celebrating the world of music much more than normal. In particular, a certain artist named Prince Rogers Nelson. April 21st will mark one year since his passing.

Those who know me know that Prince is my favorite musician and is so by a mile. I saw the man 14 times in concert, am very familiar with his entire discography, and look at him as an inspiration of being uniquely yourself in life.

I don’t know what all content will be generated over the next few days on the blog as I reflect on his life and work, but I began today by simply giving you five deeper Prince cuts. These are either unreleased tracks or songs from albums that didn’t receive as much attention.


“In a Large Room With No Light”

“When I Lay My Hands on U”

“Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me”

“Love Sign”

“Wasted Kisses”

There will be plenty more in the coming days!






1 thought on “Prince: Deep Cuts 1

  1. Great post. I have never heard of any of these tracks but my cohost of ScreenTrax has. Say we are celebrating Prince in June and are doing a podcast for the three movies starring Prince. Would you like to be a guest

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