The 25 Greatest Directors Working Today: 15-11

This evening I bring you part III of the 25 Greatest Directors Working Today. If you missed #s 25-21, you may peruse it here:

For directors I listed 20-16, right here:

Let’s move onto 15-11 before we get to the Top Ten soon enough:

15. Darren Aronofosky

In 2000, he made one of the greatest drug movies of all time, Requiem for a Dream. In 2008, he led Mickey Rourke to a career-best role in The Wrestler. In 2010, he made the trippy and absolutely fantastic Black Swan, which brought Natalie Portman a deserved Best Actress statue.

14. Alfonso Cuaron

In the past few years, Cuaron made the indie favorite Y Tu Mama Tambien before directing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the best of the franchise. His 2006 feature Children of Men is one of the most amazingly made pics of the 21st century. This fall comes his space thriller Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

13. Ang Lee

We’ll forgive that unfortunate Hulk movie in 2003. Lee is a master as he’s displayed in The Ice Storm, Brokeback Mountain, and especially last year’s triumph of directing, Life of Pi.

12. Ben Affleck

He’s only three pictures deep but each one has gotten even better: Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo. Inexplicably, Argo won Best Picture at last year’s Oscars and Ben wasn’t even nominated. He’ll be back, I have a feeling.

11. Steven Soderbergh

Mr. Soderbergh has been churning out an eclectic array of solid pics for 25 years – from sex, lies, and videotape, Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Traffic, The Informant!, Contagion, Magic Mike, and HBO’s Behind the Candelabra.

Top Ten coming very soon, folks!

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