Despicable Me 2 Box Office Prediction

Despicable Me 2 opens this Wednesday and looks to stake its claim as the holiday weekend’s #1 film (that is nearly assured to happen). What is less assured is whether the pic will be able to claim the title of Summer 2013’s highest grossing animated feature.

It’s got stiff competition in the form of Pixar’s Monsters University, which has amassed a terrific $171 million in just ten days of release and looks primed to have a domestic gross in the neighborhood of $300 million.

Can Despicable Me 2 reach Monsterslevel heights? It’s certainly a strong possibility. The 2010 original grossed an impressive $251 million domestically. The original is very well-regarded and family audiences should be primed and ready for more. This will also have the added benefit (as Monsters did) of kids being out of school, not to mention its opening on a big holiday weekend.

Since I’m predicting its five-day gross from Wednesday to Sunday, what range are we talking about? Well, Monsters University took in $82 million a weekend ago in its opening three days. It stands to reason that Despicable will take in at least that much for its five-day debut. Anything below that number would be surprisingly low, in my view. I believe the real question is: will the pic earn more than $100 million for its opening?

This is a tough call. Monsters will be in its third weekend as competition and is likely to still post solid numbers (though Despicable should cause it to take a hit). This week’s other opener, The Lone Ranger, is also competing for a family audience. My prediction post on that movie can be found here:

I see Despicable Me 2 opening somewhere between $90-$110 million. That range means Gru and his minions are likely to challenge the Monsters gang for animated box office supremacy. I’ll say it reaches that nine figure mark and easily takes the #1 spot as it sets off major box office fireworks.

Despicable Me 2 opening prediction: $104.8 million


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