Box Office Results: January 25-27

Box office results for the weekend are in and Hansel&Gretel: Witch Hunters ended up on top, surpassing my low estimate for its opening. The badly reviewed pic, starring Jeremy Renner, earned a so-so $19 million, well past my low ball $13 million prediction. I wouldn’t expect it to hold up too well in future weekends, however.

Last weekend’s #1, the supernatural horror flick Mama, dropped more than I figured, grossing $12.9 million in its second frame, lower than my $16.8M estimate. Multiple Oscar nominee Silver Linings Playbook placed third with $10 million, slightly more than my $8.7M estimate. Multiple Oscar nominee Zero Dark Thirty was fourth with $9.8 million, lower than my $12.3M forecast.

Two other debuts had weak openings. The Jason Statham-Jennifer Lopez action pic Parker placed fifth with $7 million, slightly higher than my $6.1M prediction. In a tie for sixth, the terribly reviewed all-star comedy Movie 43 and Django Unchained made $5 million, both lower than my respective $5.8M and $6.1M predictions.

I also overestimated the holdover films placed 8-10: Gangster Squad earned $4.2 million ($5.4M estimate), Broken City dropped to $4 million in its second weekend ($5.1M estimate), and Les Miserables was tenth with $3.9 million ($6.3M estimate).

Be sure to check back Wednesday with predictions for Super Bowl weekend, when the zombie pic Warm Bodies, the Stallone actioner Bullet to the Head, and the Pacino/Walken action comedy Stand Up Guys all make their debut.

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