toddthatcherJust a movie fanatic writing about whatever comes to my mind about the subject. Among many other items when it comes to film, I will make weekly box office predictions for each weekend’s releases. I also blog on a number of famous film series, beginning with “The 007 Files”, with a blog post evaluating each James Bond picture. There will be many to follow. There’s my Movie Perfection series, where I concentrate on scenes when movies seem to do everything just right – from the finale of Seven to the sequence of showing the ups and downs of marriage in Disney’s Up.

The bread and butter of the blog remains my weekly box office predictions in which I write individualized posts on every wide release coming out. These posts are typically made on Tuesday or Wednesday the week prior to that picture’s release.

My Oscar predictions are also a big part of the site, with Oscar Watch posts for each release I feel could garner attention and weekly prediction posts commencing from early September through actual nominations.

And we have my movie reviews!

There’s quite a bit more to the blog and I encourage you to search around and if you love movies, I hope you find something to enjoy on the site. This blog is mostly meant to be a celebration of film and those who make them. Quite simply, I love movies. I love writing about them. And this blog is an extension of my love for movies.

My inaugural post probably explains “About” me the best:


On the recent one-year anniversary of the blog in October 2013, I penned this follow-up:


And on the blog’s second anniversary, there’s this:


Further anniversary posts are posted each October.

I’m a Buckeye, as you can see from this here blog post:


As of March 2016, I now write a weekly Tuesday column for http://www.fantasymovieleague.com where I discuss the upcoming movie weekend’s box office.

To reach me, please email toddmthatcher@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “About

  1. With the summer season officially here, can you take a look at previous seasons in 1994 and 2004 like you did last year with ’93 and ’03?

  2. Can’t wait for summers 1997 and 2007 and see everything from the good (Men in Black, Bourne Ultimatum, Face/Off, Ratatouille), bad (Batman & Robin, Rush Hour 3, Spider-Man 3), hits (Transformers, Knocked Up, Air Force One, My Best Friend’s Wedding) and flops (Evan Almighty, Fathers’ Day, Speed 2, The Invasion).

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